Sunday, March 30, 2008

It's done...

Here is the finished custom afghan that I have been working on for a bit. It is for a co-worker of my mom's. I matched the colors to a couch pillow she sent me, I hope she likes it!!

TAR HEELS to the FINAL FOUR!! Tip off Saturday night! Go Heels!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Elite Eight!!

UNC beat up on Washington State last night so on to Elite Eight we go! We play Louisville tomorrow night to go to the Final Four!!

Other News...

oops, gotta go...update later :)

Ok, I'm back....
I didn't forget about or ignore Easter. Everyone else has great family Easter pictures and stories up but not so here. The girl was pretty sick all weekend with a high fever and strep so no bog Egg Hunts for us and no church for her and daddy. She was totally bummed that she didn't get to wear her pretty dress. The baby and I did go to my mom's to bring home leftovers from lunch and see if the Easter Bunny visited there :)

I'll try to get some pictures this Sunday with her all dressed up but now it's a big decision, lol... does she wear the original dress from Easter or a new dress that she got for Easter?!

She thinks she has her first loose tooth!! I call tell myself but she claims it feels a little loose, we will just have to wait and see.

Spring Break this week!! We've decided to stay home and work on some things around the house. Hoping to get my pottery equipment back in order so I can get back to work on my wheel!! Wish me luck, I think it's going to be a pretty big project.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

March Madness!!

March is rather crazy for basketball in our house. We have to see the NCAA selection show to see what teams made the top 64 and who will be playing for the NCAA championship. This year our Tar Heels are NUMBER 1 among all the teams and seeded #1 in the East Region.

I have to admit that I get pretty into all the basketball hype. Seems like I'm into it more so this year than in the past. I don't know if that's because UNC is so good this year or because I filled out a bracket. I actually sat and watched ESPN to learn a little more about the teams and see who the 'experts' thought would advance in each round.

Many games have already been played and they continue Thursday evening as the teams who have made it to the Sweet 16 battle it out to advance to the Elite Eight.

Party at our house if, no not if... WHEN UNC makes the FINAL FOUR!

Monday, March 17, 2008

In other news...

I had such a great time this past weekend on a scrapbooking weekend with The ShareCroppers. We had 12 ladies in attendance and it was fabulous to catch up with friends and make some new ones. There was so much creative juice flowing, everyone was creating beautiful layouts and projects. Maggie circle layout inspired many of us to create our own version. Lisa had a wonderful triangle/pyramid design on one of her layouts that I know 2 of us used for inspiration.

Then of course there is all the sharing.... no worries if you forgot something or can't find the right color because someone in the room will have just what you need, and soon you will find yourself returning the favor, pay it forward.

I had started an album last month about our Summer Trip to New York in 2006 and I finished it this weekend!! Here are a number of the layouts that I finished this weekend.

Storms wreaked havoc

Saturday's storms turned parts of Bartow County upside down. There were reports of a tornado on the road which our neighborhood is off of. Today the road to the east of us was down to one lane as I guess crews were still working and cleaning up debris. Part of hubby's rode to work was also littered with branches and debris all over.

There is a field across from our neighborhood... on the other side of the field has been a thick area of trees ... NOW we have a very different view as the majority of those trees are gone and all of a sudden we have a clear view of a side street and an auto body shop on that street.

It is still amazing to me that there were not more people injured or killed from all these storms. God's hand was certainly seen.

Here is a picture of what WAS a beautiful covered pavilion area at the Elementary school and a story in the local paper...

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Storms, storms, and more storms!!!

A record breaking 24 hours in Georgia! It all started Friday evening....

I was settled in at the CCA house cropping away when someone says to turn the tv on because there has been damage to the Georgia Dome. Turns out that an EF2 tornado went through downtown Atlanta,damaging the Dome, the CNN center, surrounding hotels and so much more. This happened during overtime of the SEC basketball games that were being held at the dome.... had overtime not happened thousands of people would be out on those streets when the tornado struck!

So we continued our crop weekend and apparently a storm hit our location about 5am that shook the house. I slept right threw it but others were up and on 'storm watch' and ready to get everyone else up if necessary. (thanks Lisa!)

Sometime around 11am we turned the tv back on and we see a whole line of storms coming across the Atlanta Metro area. At the time the worst storms were west of my house in Cartersville. There was rotation and a tornado was reported to have touched down in Polk county as the storms moved east. I called home and dh had taken the kids to Chick-fil-a for lunch and then headed to his parents house in downtown Cartersville. At the time they had left the house the weather was fine.

Needless to say I did not get any scrapping done in the next hour as I sat stressing and shaking while watching the tornadic cell move along the road that my neighborhood is on and heading straight for downtown Cartersville. Thankfully the tornadic action in the cells weakened as it moved east and to my knowledge there were no tornados that touched down in Cartersville.

I spoke to hubby and he, the kids and the rest of the family were fine. However there was severe weather (tornado?) just west of our neighborhood. Hubby found out that there was no power at our house so he headed back to pack up some things and the kids were going to spend the night at my mom's since we had no idea how long the power was going to be out. It was harder than expected to get back to our house, there were power line down and a mess just past our neighborhood. Police had a detour but people were trying to sneak past the cops by going through our neighborhood so the police would not let hubby on the street to our house. After much pleading and speaking to 2 officers he was let in to get to the house. In the meantime I was still at CCA trying to calm down after knowing that everyone was ok and that our house was still standing.

By now we realized that a very strong storm was heading towards the CCA house, picture 12 ladies worried that all their scrapbook papers and photos may be swept away in a tornado.... we grabbed pillows and purses, scoped out the best hallway and closet and stood watch ready to take cover.

Then someone yelled 'It's coming!' We all jumped up and grabbed out pillows thinking she has seen a twister outside.... turned out she just saw the winds and black clouds and meant that the storm was coming in our direction. So more watching and waiting... the worst went north of us, we did get some hail but no damage.

By dinner time all severe weather had moved out of the Atlanta area. The severe weather that hit near my house caused major damage to a few houses just a few miles from us and the covered picnic area and a brand new playground at daughter's school seems to be comnpletely ruined. There were no more police detours when I got home this afternoon so clean up has started quickly.

Amazingly only 2 people were killed in all these storms across Georgia. My heart goes out to their families.

A big thanks goes to WSB-2 for the detailed up-to-time coverage of all the storms.

Here is a clip from FOX that shows the damage near our house in Bartow County.
News clip

With all that said, it was an AWESOME weekend with the girls! I got over 20 pages completed and I finished my Summer Vacation trip to NY in 2006!! It was such a wonderful creative weekend, gotta love sharing ideas, supplies and being inspired by each other. So many beautiful pages and projects were made!

And by the way...
Happy St. Patricks Day!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Come party!

Ultimate Blog Party 2008

This is my first blog party so I hope I'm doing this right!! Thanks for stopping by!

I'm Nicole, a stay-at-home during the day mom of 2. My daughter is in kindergarten and my baby is almost 11 months old and so ready to start walking. My hubby is a teacher and we've been married over 10 years. I feel most of my day consists of trying to make veggies yummy, wiping the veggies off the baby's face (and the floor) and then cleaning off the veggies again at the diaper changes :)

These two are why I love being a Mama...

I teach class at a local Technical College 2 nights a week. I also stay busy with craft and art projects
I have had to put my pottery on hold while my studio was turned into a family room, but I am still making bead jewelry, crocheting items, and making notecards. I love to scrapbook and take pictures of family and friends.

I'll admit, I love reality shows, Survivor and the Amazing Race are high on my list. Hubby and I also love CSI and NCIS.

That's a litle about me.
There are some really cool prizes for this year's blog party. I think my top 3 are...

# 52 Jendi Jean Bag
# 54 Mikarose gift certificate
# 127 Sassy Signs

Some of my other favs are #81, 109, 118, 119, 137, 142 & 145.

Stop by my blog anytime. Thanks for looking, enjoy the party and don't forget to leave a comment!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Still around...

Yes, I'm still here. Obviously have not been keeping up with the blog too well since my last post was over a month ago. Some things never change, lol!

What's been going on??

I guess the big news was hubby's basketball team.... the Excel Eagles.

The Varsity team received a trophy for being runner-up in the region for the first time ever. They also qualified for state tournament and WON the first round game, going on to the second round. They lost the 2nd round game, but what an awesome season they had! It was such a hard decision when he was asked to coach back in the fall but we are most certainly glad that he decided to take it.

Our basement had been covered in clothes for the last few weeks getting ready to sell at a consignment sale. It was crazy going through all of her old baby clothes and even some of the baby's already. Sold quite a bit and looking forward to selling more in the fall sale!

In other news, we actually had a date night last weekend. A friend of mine had a birthday and about 8 couples went out to dinner. We got started a little late, but had a great meal, tried a new restaurant (new to us anyway) and met some new people.

The little man is cruising all over the place, trying to get up the steps when the gate is not up and about to start walking. He has been standing on his own for short periods of time and today took a stumbling step. Big sister is still just in love with him and wants to hold him as soon as she gets home.

Other than my back going 'pop' yesterday I've been doing well. Thank goodness for chiropractors!! Things at the shop are going slow but fairly well. Working on an afghan for a co-worker of my mom's, getting close to being done.

Upcoming... going to Camp Crop-a-Lot for a weekend of fun this weekend!! I'm so excited to see these ladies, haven't seen them in a couple of years. They were at CCA the week before the baby was born so I was not in attendance that weekend. I'm hoping to complete our summer trip to NY, we'll see how that goes.

Then beyond that is the baby's first birthday next month and the Bon Jovi concert at the end of April!! We've decided to stay home for Spring Break, save $$ and try to get some work done around the house, maybe a day trip to the Aquarium and surely a trip or two to the park.

ok, off to bed.