Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Bike Show

Guess I'm posting backwards... but had a good weekend.
Friday night went to a Motorcycle show with my brother and dad. I finally got a new jacket for riding!! All the new bikes were just gorgeous, there were even a few custom ones that had pink and purple flames! This picture is from last fall, I'll try to get a picture in my new jacket soon and post it.
I even found another girl in our neighborhood who rides!! She has a beautiful Harley. It's hard to find other girls that ride!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Rainy Day!

Haven't written in a while... guess life has gotten in the way :)

Today was just cloudy and cold this morning, but it's been raining since about 4:00. Now it pouring and storming. Thankfully it's not bothering our 3 year old much, seem like she settled down pretty quickly.

Got this from a friend via 2Peas blog challenge...

1. The biggest enemy to creativity is procrastination.

If only I would get all my ideas into action, so many more projects and creativity would be accomplished!

2. The only thing I know for sure about the creative process is it is always changing!

This is so apparent in my scrapbook pages and other projects. Looking back on pages created years ago, and even months ago....there are changes in styles, supplies and techniques!

I hope to add more pictures to previous posts if I ever get dh off our regular computer. He has is set-up so I'm on the laptop while he does stuff and plays games on the pc. So when I get back on the pc I have a number of pics to download and add. Next I'll need to order pics for scrapping.. almost out!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

I hate my PVR!!!

It has decided to die on us and dh was trying to fix it in the middle of Lost last night and proceeded to lose most of the episode!! :( He says we can dowload episodes from abc. com ??? I sure hope so otherwise I'm not going to be a happy wife.
We're getting a new one Saturday, but what do I do with the 30+ hours of shows that are on the old one?????? DD is going to have fit when she can't watch her favorite Max & Ruby and Dora episodes! hopefully we can get the important shows to vhs before the new one comes?!

ok, pvr vent over now.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Great Park Weather!!

We enjoyed some great weather this week!! Got to meet up with a scrapping friend and her dd at the park. The girls had fun running around and playing on the slides. Victoria and I then went over to the pond to see the ducks.... unfortunatly the geese have invaded, but it's all the same to a 3 year old, lol.

This happens to be the same park that dh and I visited last week on my due date of my miscarriage. Dh took the day off and we picked up some pink and blue balloons and released them in the park - in the rain. Not sure what else to say, but it was such a special afternoon for us.
This post is for Jan :)

I haven't kept up with this blogging like I wanted to but here it goes again...
Had a great time at a crop with the Peaches on Saturday!! Only got about 6 pages done, but had TONS of fun!

This week has been full of the BookFair! Dh hosts it for a fundraiser for his Basketball team so dd and I have been helping out every day for a while.

I've been working out consistently for a while now and have lost a few pounds!! My jeans are looser too, so I think some inches are gone!! :)

Ok, next post will be more organized and one topic ( i hope)