Sunday, December 23, 2007

Holiday fun...

Swinging on the front porch while daddy hung the Christmas lights...

Gramps came over for a visit and a nap :)

Crawling in and out of the bottom of teh saucer, too cute!!

my new projects...

I altered clipboards for my Peachy gift swap and for Victoria's teacher gifts.

The other project I've been working on is altering notepads. Thanks to Debbie at Archiver's for the idea and her great examples!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

old events, new pictures...

Our little witch and baby Tigger...

Victoria's last soccer game, she is so proud of her trophy!

Mom gave me these beautiful roses as Congratulations for the new shop opening...

After cropping with the Peaches I met the family at Chili's for dinner for my birthday. I LOVE their nachos!! It was the first time Trey sat in a high chair outside of home. This was what was left of my cookie cake when I thought about taking a picture of it, it was yummy!

This great picture is the winner for our Christmas card this year. Nothing special, I was just taking pictures of the kids on the couch and caught these great smiles...

Thanksgiving... my first ever apple pie! Not a homeade crust but it sure was tasty!!

I just had to get a picture of this... Trey fell asleep in his carseat with a very strong grib on his little bug, too cute! And then we decorated our tree last weekend. Victoria was quite the helper hanging ornaments. She's certainly in the holiday spirit.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Gym Snobs!!!

I just don't understand it!
First of all...
WHY do you have your hair and makeup PERFECT when you're coming to the gym???

So I went last night to a 5:00 BLT class. There was a bout 6 of us and we used the step for part of it. Then there was a Step class at 5:30, most of us stayed and left our steps sset up. Others came in for the 5:30 class. One lady set up a step up front and her friend proceeded to push a step completely from where it was way up front and center. One of the BLT ladies came back from getting a drink and said, "Did someone move a step? Wasn't there a step here?' It took me aminute to realize what had happened and I said, 'Yes, there was. She just moved it.' By now the friend looks at us and goes, 'Yea, I can't use a step so I moved it.' WHAT?? I don't care if you don't use the step, but WHY do you just move someone elses equipment? We said 'That step was her's, she had it set up already.' This lady just looked at us. 'Oh, sorry.' With no care at all.

Then I said something about the fans... and this lady and her friend say, 'Oh, we hate the fans, how can you sweat with the fans on?' HELLO, if you are working your butt off you WILL sweat.

THEN, as I watched the 2 of them during class I realized WHY they don't sweat, they DON'T do anything. Neither of them exerted any more energy than what is used to walk or march. Anytime there was a jog, or 'power' steps they just walked or marched. WHY BOTHER COMING?!

And as a result of the step getting moved that poor women took her step all the way to the back and other side of the room and set it up there.

I just don't understand!

ok, off to work at the shop.