Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Some great pictures from our events over the last week....

Going to see Santa.... our picture was typical... Victoria sitting pretty and Trey crying and reaching for me!

A pot of Chili to celebrate my dad & Gary's birthdays... a great lunch but we missed mom, she wasn't feeling well and didn't make it over for lunch. Dad and Trey goofing around.

Victoria & I had a great girls day with friends ... the girls were so adorable walking hand in hand through the mall!

A beautiful sky on our way to breakfast Tuesday morning. God is good!

Merry Christmas to everyone!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

The holiday break has begun...

Today was the first official day of Christmas break around here. Unfortunately over the weekend dd and I both seem to have come down with a cough and stuffy nose, but we still had a great weekend. Friday evening we surprised Gary by going to see his basketball team play, they didn't win, but played tough.

Saturday was hubby's birthday!! We all went to Victoria's b-ball game and then ..... yes, we're crazy ..... we went to the mall!!
It was crazy busy, but hubby found a great parking spot and the line for Santa wasn't too long. The picture was true to our kids styles.... Victoria's sitting pretty while Trey is screaming and reaching for me! After pictures we checked out a few stores and headed to Buffalo Wild Wing's for a birthday dinner. After that it was off to see a great display of Christmas lights at Life University.

Yesterday my brother and Dad came over for more birthday celebrations (dad's b-day was last week). Birthday lunch of Chili, cornbread & chicken dip ... Yum!!

Also yesterday a cold front moved in! This morning it was 18 degrees when we got up and in the 20s as we headed off to the gym.
The cold didn't stop us from having a great girls day out. We started at the gym were I won 2 of my 3 games of racquetball!! After that we headed out to the Mall of Georgia to meet up with my sweet friend up from Valdosta and her daughter for some lunch and shopping. The girls enjoyed a ride on the carousel and a train ride will the moms got to chat and catch up! We all did a little shopping and went home with some great finds. The girls were adorable walking through the mall hand in hand. It was a great day!

Hopefully you'll see pictures from all this fun soon, but now it is time for some cold medicine and a warm bed!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Neglected blog....

Once again the poor blog is the last thing that gets attention when things get busy (though I seem to find time for Facebook still, lol).

Victoria had a great time last night at her school holiday program. She and 2 others proudly introduced the whole show. No pictures due to bad lighting and crummy seats though.

Time to pick a picture again.... trying to decide which put in a frame to give as a xmas gift... any suggestions... email me and I'll tell you who it's for if that helps decide.

Number 1...

Number 2...

Busy days ahead filled with basketball practices, games, last minute shopping, Santa pictures, birthday dinners and more!! I'm looking forward to meeting up with a friend and her daughter next week for lunch and some girl time!

I'll leave you with a family shot from Thanksgiving weekend.