Friday, July 10, 2009


my once again neglected blog... time to catch up..

The summer had been quite busy. To start.... a huge Congrats to my hubby who is the new Boys Head Basketball Coach at Excel Christian Academy. He has been the assistant for two years and is thrilled to now be the head coach! He has been busy with summer camps and practices to get the team ready for the upcoming season.

Victoria had her own basketball camp and had a great time, she also had swimming lessons and did fabulous!! We've had a great time with some friends at their pools and making new friends. Victoria has become a very good swimmer!

My brother and I went to a local car show... I've starting taking some photos and trying to decide if it's something I'd like to do more than just a hobby...Victoria & I went to a pie party, yummy...eating fresh veggies out of our garden...the ankle is thankfully doing pretty good, still not 100% but so much better!

After all the camps, vacation Bible school, and swim lessons things calmed down a bit and we headed to Myrtle Beach for our annual summer vacation. It was a fabulous week filled with trips to the pool & the beach, some shopping, putt-putt, golfing, movies and more. We had a great time and the kids love every minute with Gran & Grandpa.

We are glad to be home but soon I will be heading up to New York to visit with friends I have not seen in over 15 years since I moved to Georgia! I am very excited to see them again and am looking forward to a wonderful long weekend!

The other big news is the contest that I entered Victoria in.... to be on the cover of the Bartow Buzz magazine. Today was the last day for voting so now we are just waiting to see if she won!! Fingers crossed!!

I may add some pictures soon, but for now come visit me on Facebook and you can see all our summer adventure photos!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

I'm here....

sitting on the couch with my foot up, and tennis ball sized ankle wrapped in ice. What a way to spend the holiday weekend!!! Thought I'd be good and go to the gym this morning. Half way through Step class my foot slips and ankle goes crazy and on the floor I land. OUCH!!! I'm just mad about the whole stupid thing... had a list of things to do today... and so much for my running schedule for at least the next week!

In other news..... school's out!! Last day was yesterday for everyone around here. I have 2 & a half weeks left in my class and hoping it goes by quickly!

Victoria had a great finish to her soccer season with coach May! The Bulldogs only lost one game all season, they were a great bunch of players. She had a short awards morning for the end of 1st grade. And how funny that she comes home the day before school is out and gives herself homework from a workbook that she brought home, she's a smart girl!

Friday, May 01, 2009

The big Haircut!

Trey got his first haircut this morning! He was such a big boy and did great.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Recap Part 2...

The wedding...

The Aquarium...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring Break Recap....

We had a great Spring Break just hanging out and having lots of family time.

It started with a beautiful wedding in the north GA mountains.

On Monday we spent the day at the GA Aquarium with my brother. We had tickets for first thing in the morning and it was so empty when we got there! Victoria just loves going to the Aquarium and Trey really had a great time. He and Gary would go a little ahead and then he would come back and get pull me on to show me what they had found. He was so cute and loved seeing all the fish!

Gary and Victoria spent a morning together and went to see Monsters vs. Aliens 3D.

Wednesday we went to my Alma Mater for an afternoon of family pictures. The kids did great especially since Trey had not gotten a nap. We went to 3 different parts of campus including the chapel that we got married in. It was quite a windy day but we got some really good pictures. We had a delicious dinner at Sonny's BBQ and stopped at a playground on the way home. It was a great family day!

Thursday we spent most of morning going around Cartersville finding things for a Scavenger Hunt that Gary and his co-workers were participating in. We got lots of great pictures... some kinds crazy pictures.... did win the Scavenger Hunt, but had loads of fun looking for things on the list.

Friday night my friend Andrea and I went to the Sugarland concert. We had a yummy dinner. And it was a fabulous concert!!!! I hope they come back to another location nearby, I want to see them again!! It was a nasty and stormy night but we lucked out and never even got rained on.

We spent Easter afternoon at mom & dad's house. Yummy food, egg hunting, playing outside... all kind of fun!

Then this past week we've been doing a bunch of yard work....weeding, using our new mower, mulching, planting flowers... the yard is looking pretty good!

And yesterday my baby turned TWO!! He spent the morning with Daddy, hanging out at the house. Then we watched Victoria play at her soccer game... headed home for some lunch and a nap. Then the family came over for some grilling. The kids played outside and we all had some birthday fun!

It's been a busy but great few weeks!

Well, I had more pictures to go with all our activities, but the weather's getting ugly again, so getting off the computer.

Thursday, April 09, 2009


Going to the SUGARLAND concert tomorrow!! Can you tell I'm excited, lol!! Can't wait for a girls night out to see Sugarland!

Friday, April 03, 2009

Spring Break!

This afternoon is the start of Spring Break for most of our family. Unfortunately my spring break was last week but since I don't work during the day it won't interfere too much... except that we're not going out of town.

Still lots planned... soccer game this afternoon, a wedding in the GA mountains tomorrow and a Final Four Party... GO UNC ... a trip to the GA aquarium, a family day of fun and pictures at Berry College, and the Sugarland concert!!!!

All while trying to find 50 things on a Scavenger Hunt list that my crazy hubby and a co-worker organized...we'll see how that goes!

Jan, I haven't forgotten about being tagged, just don't have all my pics on the stay tuned. :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Still here....

Yes, I'm still here. Just haven't made the time to update, no real reason.

So... what's been happening... Basketball season is over and we having started soccer season for Victoria. She is extremely happy to have Coach Drew again. He coached her during her first 2 soccer seasons and he's great!!
Basketball awards...

Gary and Victoria had a fabulous time at a Father Daughter Dance...

Other than that it's just been normal stuff.... school, work and chasing after the kids. Trey had to check out Victoria's new booster seat and they had a great time swinging with Daddy.

Oh and completely surprising my mom for her 60th birthday!! Dad took her out of town for a few days and they had a houseful of people when they came home. We absolutely surprised her and it was great!!! This is one of the pictures we put together in a collage frame for mom of her kids & grandkids...

And a few pics from the party and afterwards...

We've starting planning activities for Spring Break since we've decided not to go out of town. We're going to the Aquarium one day, Victoria and I are heading to the GA mountains for a wedding and I'm going to see Sugarland in concert!!! I can't wait for that!

And we have a birthday party to plan.... Trey is going to be TWO next month! That's hard to believe!

Victoria finally lost a front tooth on Friday after it had been wiggling for a very long time!

That's about all. Hope all my blogging friends are doing great!