Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Little Things

These pictures are a sampling of the flowers in our yard and seedlings that Victoria is so excited to see growing like crazy!

I've been busy ripping up tons of weeds and trying to clean up some of our flowerbeds. Victoria has had fun being my helper and her favorite is getting potting soil from the bag and spreading it around the flowers for me! The best part has been how easily the weeds are coming up, root and all after the rains we've had.... I know that seems silly, but I love it! And seeing Victoria's face as I show her worms and other critters has been just great! She's so curious.... not enough to touch or hold the worms though :)

After Victoria had a spell of Strep throat and I twisted my ankle this week, we've had a great few days of digging and planting (in between all the storms of course).

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Let's see ... 4 egg hunts through the week, various meals and visits with family, road trips and more! Sunday was still crazy, but a much more relaxing crazy. Church in the morning and then a delicious lunch at my mom's house where the Easter bunny was very good to Victoria and baby Scarlet!

A beautiful day, great friends and a gorgeous wedding...

I had debated so long about going to a good friend's wedding since it fell on the same weekend as family visiting from New York. So after speaking to the bride and the family I decided indeed to attend the wedding in Chattanooga. It was such a beautiful ceremony and I'm so happy for my friend Chris and her husband Shane!

Family visit

After a horrible airline delay in New York my uncle, aunt, her sister and her baby girl arrived in Atlanta at 4:00 am! They were all meeting in atl to have dinner at my mom's on Sunday. We are lucky to see my uncle and aunt twice a year and this was the first time we all met the sister and baby. Anyway, my dh, dd and myself met them at their hotel friday night and went to dinner. Victoria had a great time playing with the baby and surprisingly playing with Uncle Bill. We all had such a fun visit. We went to my mom's saturday evening for some more family time and then again sunday for lunch.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Beautiful Day!!

What a gorgeous day today! There are supposed to be storms moving in, but looking out right now you would never know it.

I've got the house to myself and I just got back from a great motorcycle ride (except for getting behind a concrete truck)! Tomorrow is the Road Trip with the Peaches... life is good :)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

First Car

A fun blog prompt from a friend...

My first car was a maroon '84 Toyota Corolla. I bought it used from a family at church and it was my ride for about 2 years. It got me to school, work my senior year and out with friends. The engine block cracked one day and it was bye, bye Corolla.

Spring Break!!

Well, my Spring Break is somewhat over all ready :(
I had to fly home from Myrtle Beach this afternoon to go back to work tonight. Dh and dd are still there for the rest of the week. I already miss them, but it will be really nice to have the house to myself for almost 4 days!
Saturday I'm going on a Road Trip to a agreat scrapping store in Alabama with a bunch of scrapping Peaches!!