Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Belly pictures

Thought I'd compare 15 weeks in October to 28 weeks last weekend.... same outfit!

Monday, January 29, 2007

This week...

Brrr!! It is 1:30pm and still only 28 degrees outside!

Things to do and places to go....

* Had my one hour Glucose test this morning, fingers crossed that I passed!

* Victoria's Gran is visiting her school tomorrow to read a story to her class.

* Wednesday is early release day, Victoria will be home at 12:30.

* Pay day, woohoo. Pay bills, boohoo!

* Thursday, Gary is helping his brother coach so Victoria gets to spend some more time with Gran or Grandpa.

* Hunt down the mailman to get my pictures I ordered.... plan pages for my weekend at Camp Crop Alot.

* Laundry, dishes, laundry, dishes, laundry.....

* Start cleaning out extra closet, go thru bookshelf and clean out!

* Get some things ready to Ebay.

* Post some belly pictures. I have some from October and some from last week in the same outfit and then some that Victoria took too.

Friday, January 26, 2007

The Last 7 Days...

What a week it has been.... and now I just had this all typed out and ready to go and Blogger shut down on me.. augh!

Anyway... last Friday started with Victoria's doorhandle breaking off... went to the Kia dealership and it was going to be almost $200 to fix it! Well, I ended up coming home with a new '06 Kia van!!! We'd been looking at them for a while and it all worked out. It has the power doors and back lift and fold down back seats. It will be so nice not to have to take the seats out when I go scrapbooking!!

Then Saturday was a great day of cropping with a great group of the GA Peaches!! Always fun and it was great to meet new Peaches. I got 4 pages done and finished up 2 more that I had started a while ago!

Monday the UPS man came with my new maternity pjs from Old Navy. I finally have a comfy pair of pj pants to hang out in, I don't have anything to match the pink and green plaid, but that's ok! The shorts set is so cute with cupcakes on them!

Tuesday after dropping off Victoria at school I went to my brother's office and removed staples for 8 hours... what fun, but some extra $$ is always good! From there it was off to teach my class. I was glad that there was nothing going on Wednesday and I could rest.

During all this, Gary has had a flu-like virus and not feeling well at all. Then yesterday I had to take Victoria to the doctor and she has yet another ear infection!! This is the second in less than a month. So she's been home yesterday and today. I will say she is turning into quite the little scrapbooker!

Yesterday I finally got a huge pile of scrapbook pages into page protectors!! This pile has been homeless for months, I just keep forgetting to get the page protectors! So now that they are finally in the protectors, I just need to get them in albums!

I also have to order pictures... going to Camp Crop Alot in 2 weeks and don't have any pictures to work on!! Can't wait for CCA, excited to see the new house!

Well, that was our week... no plans for the weekend, just hanging out at the house and hoping everyone feels better!!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Nothing Special

Just an average Thursday, but hadn't posted in a while. Been really tired again and this little boy is kicking away!
Tomorrow is Friday!! Nothing planned tomorrow, but cropping with the Peaches Saturday... looks like I'm driving solo though.
I finally found my clear stamps that I have been looking all over for!! I got them in Orlando in November and haven't even used them glad I found them.
Off to watch Men in Trees.

Friday, January 12, 2007


where has it gone??
Here are pictures of the paint can I made and beads I found, details in Friday post.


It seems like this has been a busy, crazy week! My teaching quarter started Monday night and now my schedule is FOUR nights a week, two classes. The first few classes always end early since the students don't have any supplies yet, not much you can do with a drawing style assignment when noone has paper or pencil! However last night was a regular class and I didn't get home till almost 10:00pm. It's going to be a long quarter and I already miss being home when Victoria goes to bed.

The rest of the week was fairly normal, getting Victoria back to the swing of getting up for school. She and Daddy went off in the afternoons, going to grandpa's, getting daddy's haircut and generally running around town.

Yesterday was Victoria's 4 year old checkup and shots. It is so hard to believe she is already 4 and a half years old, where has the time gone?? She did great at her check up until the doctor left and I told her we had to wait for the nurse to come back for her shots :( Considering the fact that she got 3 shots, some in each leg, she did great, she certainly has a great set of lungs on her! All I wanted to do afterwards was carry and hold her, but that's a bit hard to do when she is 35 lbs. and I'm almost 6 months pregnant!

And then there is my Creativity Slump!!! I made a paint can for a friend for Christmas and had fun with it, but since then have not felt creative at all! i filled her can with a variety of items, snowman ornaments, mug and coffee, some scrapping embellishments and chocolates.

We even stumbled on this great little bead shop while we were in Ellijay, Beaded Couture. I found some great beads and ideas, but haven't had any interest in making anything. I need to order pictures so i'm hoping once I get those I'll be inspired to scrap some, especially since I've gotten so far behind! I am looking forward to a crop with the Peaches next weekend too!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


As promised, here are a few pictures from soccer this past fall. One from her very first practise, Mommy was kicked out of practise after all she wanted to do was sit with me. So practise days became a daddy, daughter evening. Games were mostly spent with Victoria standing around watching everyone else. Every now and then she'd run towards the ball, a few times the ball hit her feet but it wasn't because she ran to it :) She did get to kick the ball in to the game!

Monday, January 08, 2007

26 weeks

Had my OB appt this morning. I'll will be 26 weeks on Wednesday and I'm already measuring at 26 weeks. Surprisingly after the holidays and great country breakfasts at the Bed & Breakfast, I only gained 2 pounds in the last month! My total so far is 12 pounds, not bad!! I go back in 3 weeks for the 1-hour glucose test, oh fun :)

A friend from church passed on some newborn clothes that her little one has already outgrown. It is hard to remember Victoria being that small. The outfits are so cute... bears, trains and sports!! His wardrobe is off to a great start, he's going to be a styling little fellow!

Another friend was talking about her kids and sports on her blog ... Victoria played soccer this fall, so cute though she just stood around most of the time. I'll have to find some more pictures tonight and post some soccer shots!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Some Pictures

All these are from mid-November or Thanksgiving weekend. The black and whites are some that we used for this year's Christmas cards. Then Victoria and I decorating our tree, she was such a big help and had so much fun putting the ornaments on and helping with the lights!

New Year - New Blog

Once again the plan is to be better about blogging! What better time to start fresh then the New Year?! I actually tried to blog a few times over the last few months but Blogger and my computer were not cooperating.

News from Cartersville -

Victoria's pre-K days still start with a tear or two each day, but as soon as Mommy leaves she has a great day and tells us all about it each day.

Around the middle of August we got some family news that Victoria will be a big sister!! We waited to share the news for a few months and then found out on Dec. 1st that we are having a little BOY! Victoria is already in love with her little brother and can't wait for his arrival is mid-April.

Gary seems to finally be over his ongoing battle with kidney stones! After a procedure to break it up he passed a stone the day before Christmas and has been feeling like himself again since then!!

We got away to a great little Bed & Breakfast for a few days before the new year, had a lovely time just relaxing and enjoying north Georgia.

We've started cleaning/organizing the basement to get it ready to finish off.... we'll move our office, video game and craft area to the basement and make that room the baby's room.

Everyone is back to school and work tomorrow, I've got two classes this quarter that I haven't taught in a long time so guess I'm off to get ready for class.

Tried to upload a couple pics but laptop not cooperating, I'll try again from the desktop tomorrow.