Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Off to .....

The BON JOVI concert tonight!!! Woohoo!! There's going to be 11 of us. We're renting a van, have a friend driving for us, it's going to be a blast!

Have a nice day!

Friday, April 25, 2008

He turned ONE!!!

How has it happened?? My little baby turned one on April 18th!! Friday on his actual birthday he was not feeling good at all :( He had a fever and very grumpy, teeth bothering him and just all around not a happy boy. I had gotten him a cupcake for that afternoon. He was just like his sister was, when he got frosting on his fingers, all he wanted to do was shake it off... too cute. He had no interest in the whole singing and cupcake deal at all.
(Courtney, I tried to get a shot like you did on your site but I was not as successful as you.)

We were so afraid that we were going to have to cancel his party, but when he woke up Saturday there was no fever, he was in a great mood and certainly back to himself!

Some friends were unable to come at the last minute so it ended up just being family and we all had a great time. Again, he did not want to dig into the cake. Instead he was happy being fed with a fork, no icing though, just cake.

He is going to be the best dressed boy in the area with all the great clothes he got. He also loved his new truck, now he doesn't have to push around sister's pink and purple car!! Thank you so much to everyone!

The next day we turned his car seat around to the front... he wasn't sure what was going on, but I think he liked it!

And I'll leave you with our little clown... Last Friday they were finishing up a circus unit at school and the kids could dress like a clown, a ringleader etc. Thanks to Gran she was able to dress up as a clown and was so excited about it. She was just adorable!


I actually threw a piece this evening!! So glad to be able to get to work. It's going to take a little while to get back into it and get the hang of it all, but it's great to start back. Some of the clay seems a bit dry but I think I can work with it after it has a little help getting moisten.

Some pictures of my little area...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Here are some pictures from the last month or so...

Tulips in our front yard... Spring is here. (I think it is anyway, it was 35 degrees this morning) Jenn, I saw some Wisteria high in the trees on the way to work last week and thought of you, wish I had my camera with me.

Our belated Easter attire and family shots.

The garage/workshop/studio is coming out really good. We need to get the electrical set up to my wheel and the kiln and then we're ready to Throw again!! Pictures of that coming soon.

And some parting shots of the Little Man who is about to turn ONE on Friday! How has it been a year already??? We got giggling this morning while he was munching on his puff snacks.

Monday, April 07, 2008

A New Beginning...

That's what TLC is calling a complete change in the company that was announced in an email sent out at 4pm on Friday afternoon. I had been a consultant with TLC (Top-Line Creations) for a while now but I had lost a lot of interest when their focus went to Digital Scrapbooking, not my cup of tea. Well after this new 'shuffle' that broad sided everyone I'm not sure I want to stay with the company anymore.

There are no longer consultants or down lines and no commission from sales. This really doesn't effect me as I have not been active in so long, but some others have made this their living and have been able to stay at home doing a wonderful job building their business... those are the ones that my thoughts go out to as they had absolutely no notice of these changes!!

Now it is a 'club' set-up; you pay a fee and get a discount and such. I have so much inventory right now that I am trying to get rid of, I have no interest in buying anything else right now. If you would like to get any TLC kits at a GREAT price please let me know... I'd love to sell some of my stuff!!

Many of the other consultants have already joined other companies but I just don't think the consultant thing is for me... maybe I've just never put the work in to make it successful for me like others do, but I just don't feel excited about it.

I am EXCITED about our MISSION ACCOMPLISHED over Spring Break. We got the baseboards and molding painted and attached in the basement and then got working on the garage!! It actually looks like a studio/workshop now. We have some minor things to work out (where to put those darn bicycles?!) and hopefully after careful spending and budgeting (that's a whole other post!) I can restock my clay and glazes and get to work!! Yippee!!

We had a Final Four Party Saturday night with some of hubbys basketball players. Unfortunately, UNC got beat by Kansas... big bummer!!

Also, got a picture in the mail of the afghan that I made, it looks great on her couch with one of her cats sitting on top of it, sounds like she really likes it!

I hope to post some pictures soon, family (belated) Easter pics, spring tulips, a clean garage and maybe more!

Have a great week everyone!