Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Picture overload ahead

So, Victoria and I took our new camera out the other day and headed for a girls photo shoot around town. We started off in our fields, headed downtown, then by the river and covered bridge, and then back home to the boys.

Here is just a sampling of our pictures... Victoria did a great job taking pictures of me. If you are on Facebook, I posted more pictures there. I know there are lots here, but it was hard to choose since we took over 200!

Monday, January 12, 2009


I have been meaning to say thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts and votes on the photos that I posted last month.

I chose the photo of the kids on the steps for the Christmas card and it turned out great! Then I chose the picture of me in the brown shirt and printed it and the picture of the kids in 5x7 size and framed them for Gary for Christmas. He's got them on his bedside table.

So, thanks again!

This week is pretty normal for us.... school, work, b-ball practice & games. The one exception to the norm is an appointment tomorrow with a professional organizer! I am very excited about this and hope that she can help add some organization to our crazy & chaotic house!

Friday, January 09, 2009

Waiting for a package...

Everyone loves getting packages right!? The FedEx & UPS trucks are referred to as "The Package Truck" in our house.

When the kids were at my mom's over the holidays we went to the mall for some shopping and I was on the hunt for 2 things.... a jewelry armoire & a new smaller diaper bag. Well, it just wasn't my day.... the armoire that I wanted was on clearance at Target, great, right.... no because EVERY Target around was completely sold out and they aren't allowed to sell the display. I still haven't gotten one, not sure what I want now.

Then I just wanted a smaller diaper bag... we got a great one at our baby shower, but it's just too big now and we've been using the one from the hospital for quite a while but it is falling apart. You would think it wouldn't be hard to find a cute inexpensive small diaper bag... well, think again. Finally we go to Baby's R Us ... they have exactly what I want ... in PINK!! All the blue ones of that style were sold out. So to get back on topic... I ordered the diaper bag and should be getting a package very soon! We should also be getting our lens for our new camera soon, it was out of stock when we bought the camera!

Here is what should be arriving shortly.... isn't it cute?

Wow, 2 posts in one day... no, I'm not ill :)

It's Friday!

Fridays are usually good days and today has been good so far.... but lately it means basketball games and tonight is no difference. The game part is good.... the bad part is that tonight's games are away games (far away) which means hubby probably won't be home until around midnight!
I wish the Eagles lots of luck and safe travels! Then tomorrow Victoria has her game in the morning and then hubby's team plays again in the evening, at least that game is at home, no traveling!

We're back into the school/work routine after the holidays. Unfortunately we've been dealing with a wet basement/garage since earlier this week. It seems to be all dried out now and we started moving things back in, but still lots do to.

I don't think I've ever truly made a New Year's resolution and this year is no different. I do have some things that I would like to accomplish so here are some of my goals...

  • enjoy time with the kids before they grow up too quick!
  • find more time for date nights with hubby - even if it's just popcorn & a movie
  • visiting with friends more often, old & new - whether it's online or in person
  • continue working out regularly
  • improve my healthy eating habits
  • blog more regularly
  • don't just waste time while on the computer - make it productive!
  • improve our All Cash Budget - make Dave proud
  • get organized with baby steps
  • scrapbook more often
  • learn how to use our new camera

I'm sure there is more, but that seems like plenty to keep me busy in 2009.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone. May 2009 be a great year for everyone and your families!!!

We are enjoying some time without the children and having some friends over! Have a great weekend!