Thursday, February 22, 2007

Quick hello

Hello blog.....
Victoria was sick over the weekend again, and YES, it's another start of an EAR Infection!!! What are we going to do??? Third round of antibiotics in less than 2 months.
Then I've got a horrible cold too, so we've both just been laying around during her Winter Break from School.

We did get out Saturday to her teacher's wedding. Very nice, small wedding, only thing was it started nearly 45 minutes late!!!

We got out this morning, had some breakfast, went to the library and a short visit t0 her grandpa's house. Then a lazy afternoon.

I have gotten down to the basement yesterday and today, started packing up any pottery pieces that are old and throwing a bunch away that are bad pieces and over 10 years old!! I've got to take a "Before" picture before I get too much done!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Nothing too exciting....

Except my weekend at Camp Crop Alot... There were 5 of us from the 'Peaches' group. We had a great time and met some wonderful new ladies. I got 22 pages done and made layouts for all the pictures that I had ordered and brought, time to order some more for next month's crop! The new house is great and I can't wait for my next weekend getaway!

Victoria's appt went ok, still some fluids in her ears, but no infection. She's on a preventative medicine now for 6 weeks.... she's such a trooper when it comes to taking medicine.... no complaining at all, even when it tastes 'yucky'!

Hubby is finally feeling better. The cough is still lingering alittle, but it doesn't kill him each time now. He has most of his energy back and he and Victoria were playing around on the couch last night which they haven't done in quite some time. She even made a comment about the fact that Daddy hasn't been able to play around in a while.

Now it's my turn it seems. All stuffed up and a cough. Better today then yesterday, but now I'm constantly sneezing and my nose is getting raw from having to use so many tissues! I was able to get a bunch of rest this morning and that is the plan again for tomorrow.

One of Victoria's teachers is getting married on Saturday afternoon, so we are going to that. Victoria has never been to a wedding and is very excited about it! She has picked out a fancy dress to wear and wants me to dress up too, not sure how dressy I can get in my maternity clothes, and in this cold weather, we will see! The other teacher and 2 or 3 of the other girls in her class are also going so I'm sure she will have fun. It is not far from the house either so that is good!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Another Week...

* Transfer the tag for the new van.

* Get to the post office.

* Victoria has a follow up appt after ear infection, hopefully it's all cleared but she still can't hear normally!

* Pack for Camp Crop Alot!!! Got my pictures Saturday so now it's planning and packing time!

* Get Victoria ready to spend the weekend at her Gramma's house!