Tuesday, August 14, 2007


just have a minute before bed...

the trip to the ER was thanks to half a cashew!! Victoria complaining of her throat hurting alot and was coughing like something went down the wrong way. she started geting a rash on her neck so I call our blue cross nurse line and said go straight to the ER. in the car her face and lips swelled all up and got red, the nurse took us straight back when i went to sign her home.. no waiting for us! The dr. and nurses were great but they had to stick Victoria 3 times before getting the IV line in her... she just wanted to go home!! Victoria did realy great and we got home about 9pm. So that was the excitement to the ER.

She rode the bus again today and now they moved the time back 10 minutes earlier, I'll have to get her up at almost 6am but she still wants to ride and is asking when she can ride it home.... when it gets cooler!!

Off to bed!

Monday, August 13, 2007

She's on the bus!

Victoria is on the bus on her way to school!! After a trip to the ER last night (more on that later, she's fine) I wasn't sure if she'd still want to get up early to ride the bus, but she did. She woke up and was raring to go!

She did great, mommy.... not so great.

more later, the pictures I took came out awful, i'll see if i can find one decent one.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

She's home!!

Victoria had a great first day at Kindergarten! She did get upset at one point because she lost a charm that was on one of her shoes. Otherwise she had a great day. They went to gym class and did 'stuff' as she said.
The car rider line was so long that I could see her waiting for a while before I actually got to where I could pick her up.
She decided the other day that she wants to ride the bus! We'll see about that and MAYBE ride it a little next week.
Well, so far, so good!


Victoria started Kindergarten today... is it 2:30 yet?? :)

**** Well, now it is way past 2:30! I had this all typed and ready to post this morning and then our internet decides to quit for the day, AUGHHH!! I'll update in a bit****

I got her up this morning and after some stretching, she was in a great mood. We got dressed and came down for some cereal and juice. She had some time to play with Trey and give Daddy hugs before he left for his school. Then I loaded up the kids and off we went. Victoria was still in a great mood and the drive to her school this year is quick and easy, lots less traffic than last year!

We walked to Victoria's room where she have hugs and settled in at her table. I said goodbye and she put her head down and started to tear up a little. As I was leaving I called her name and held up the camera for one more picture, she picked her head up and gave a smile! Then her teacher was helping her get her backpack and lunch bag put away and I left.

I held it together well today, I think it will be a different story when I drop her off at the door and off she goes!

I'll try to update this afternoon with how her day went!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The big haircut!!

It was time for a trim before school and Victoria decided that she wanted a get it CUT not trimmed! We were a bit anxious and not sure how it would look but it turned out so CUTE!!!


During... she was such a good girl, her first shampoo at a salon.

After, the new do!!

Catching up!!

Once again I am behind on posting pictures, but if you visit my blog you are used to that by now! :)

About 2 weeks ago Victoria turned FIVE years old! We had a pool party with family to celebrate, lots of fun in the pool, a pinata, cake and ice cream!

My mom and I took the kids to my grandma's house for a few days. It was a short visit but we had a good time and grandma had fun with the kids...

Baby Trey is growing so quickly! He's really getting a personality now and is trying every day to sit up. It will also be any day now when he rolls over. We started giving him some cereal once a day, he like the banana!

Big sister starts Kindergarten tomorrow!!! We can't believe it!!
She's very excited and actually wants to ride the bus. Mommy is taking her for the few week or so and then we'll see if she still wants to take the bus. We met her teacher the other night and she found her seat and cubby in the room. Happy thoughts for a good day tomorrow!!