Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Birthday Girl!!

Our little girl is 6 today!! I made bacon, eggs and biscuits for breakfast this morning. Then the kids and I headed off to the gym, they both love to play there while I get my workout in.

We gave her part of her gifts earlier, some colored pens, a notebook and Pez candy. There's a story behind the pens... she asked for colored pens for Christmas, Santa brought colored pens but they all wrote in black ink. She was very disappointed that they didn't write in colors. So for her birthday we found some great colored pens that WROTE in colored ink too!

Gramma just came by on her way home from a trip to Granny's. She got Victoria a great new scrapbook, a whole stash of scrapbook stickers and such and a new bathing suit! Perfect for her lessons this week and her pool party Saturday!

We're going to eat at Chili's after the baby's nap... then a few more gifts later :)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

What's Up?

That's a question that my friend Jan just recently asked.
So here -

going to the gym, working at the shop, planning for Victoria's birthday party next week, swimming lessons start tomorrow, riding my motorcycle (and taking it to work to save on gas $$), cleaning and some organizing, some scrapping and currently watching Design Star!

Here are some pictures from the last few weeks...

Trey hanging out with our cat...

The Fourth of July at the park, playing softball and soccer...

The kids in the bath, too cute!

We've lucked out with pacifiers and our kids, neither of them got attached to a pacifier, they treat it as any other toy playing with it here and there. When I saw Trey with the pacifier I just thought he looked adorable, this is a rare occasion and I just had to get a shot of him!

Gary and I attended a beautiful wedding of some friends last week... the happy newlyweds and hubby and I...

Have a great week!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Baby gate free!!

Lol! We are enjoying not having to climb over baby gates! We dropped the kids off at Gramma's on Friday and they are staying until tomorrow.

We had a great time at a beautiful small wedding Friday night of 2 good friends.

Saturday I headed to Scrapbook Expo with the Peaches group and cropped after for a while. Hubby enjoyed the house to himself all day.

Not much going on today, some cleaning and maybe some scrapbooking in a bit.
And maybe a ride on the motorcycle, no rain on the radar any where for the first time in about a week!