Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Well I guess I jinxed us by telling everyone how good Victoria did yesterday. This morning she started crying as we walked in the door and they had to pry her out of my arms. I just wish I could drop her off at the door like we did last year, but at this school I have to go in, sign her in, and take her to her class. Maybe if we do hugs in the car first??!
No phone call so far, I guess she calmed down?

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

First Day Pics.

Pictures from the first day of Pre-K!

First Day!!

Victoria had her first day of Pre-K today!! This whole situation has been quite stressful for us due to registrations, wait lists etc. But on Monday we found out that she got in at our first choice location with has the GA Pre-K program! So she did really good when I dropped her off, no tears, just lots of hugs.

Her teachers said she had a few 'sad' moments where she wanted me to come get her, but overall had a very good day. She was in a great mood when I picked her up and is ready to go back tomorrow. She has breakfast and lunch at school and I was worried she wouldn't eat, but had biscuits, then chicken fingers & applesauce!

I took pictures at the house and in the car on the way, but she was doing so good, I didn't want to upset her with pictures at school. I did get one this afternoon of her by her hook and her Dora backpack.

I was great to get things done around the house and get to the gym again, but the day went awfully slow and 2:30 seemed like it would never get here!

Hope everyone else's first days for your kids have gone well!
Well I tried to load pics with this post, but Blogger isn't cooperating :( Will try again later!

Friday, August 04, 2006


Some pictures from the birthday weekend.

Cake at the park, sliding at Chuck E. Cheese & her new Princess Bear at Build-a-Bear.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

got thinking..

more about hubby and our anniversary.... He's the best because...

  • he loves me even when I'm in an evil mood and look my worst.
  • he's an awesome daddy.
  • he supports me in all my hobbies and crazy ideas i might have.
  • he's a wonderful, caring teacher.
  • he's the best coach.
  • as he says, 'i'm me!' :)
so happy (belated) anniversary hunny, i love you!

Busy, busy....

Wow, busy week!! Here's a pic I was able to find of our family from our June trip to New will make sense in a minute.

My little girl is FOUR!!! I can't believe Victoria is 4 already! Her b-day was Sunday the 23rd. After church we took her to Chuck E. Cheese for lunch, Gramma and her Uncle met us there. We then went to see the movie Cars, so cute!!! Her special gift from us came next, we took her to Build-a-Bear. We realized that she has helped both me and daddy make bears for us but she doesn't have one for herself. So she picked out a pink bear and named her 'Princess' :)

Then on Monday we had her 'Princess Pizza Party in the Park'! We had a great time, the kids ran and played on the playground and wore themselves out. Everything was princess related of course. And of course i took tons of pictures BUT for some reason I can't get to them from the laptop today so when hubby gives up the desktop i'll get some pictures up! (ok, found one of the family)

On wednesday we celebrated our 9th anniversary! We spent the morning at my mom's neighborhood pool, then dropped Victoria there for a few days. Hubby and I went to see Pirates of the Carribean finally, loved it!!! Then Friday night we went out to a new restaurant near the house, dh had steak and i have a crab & salmon cake entree....yummy, yummy but crummy service!

And the wait for Pre-K continues. The school where she is registered has a very bad reputation and the folks I've talked to on the phone have no clue. So we are waiting to hear from where she is 3rd on the wait list.... really hoping to get in there. Then there is the private school where she went last year, it is only half-day and costs $$ but apparently the inlaws have taken it upon themselves to get involved and register & pay for her to go there, Ugh! If that is the case it will completely mess up my work situation and we were really wanting her to go all day. Anyway, she should be starting around the 15th, we'll just see where!