Saturday, May 23, 2009

I'm here....

sitting on the couch with my foot up, and tennis ball sized ankle wrapped in ice. What a way to spend the holiday weekend!!! Thought I'd be good and go to the gym this morning. Half way through Step class my foot slips and ankle goes crazy and on the floor I land. OUCH!!! I'm just mad about the whole stupid thing... had a list of things to do today... and so much for my running schedule for at least the next week!

In other news..... school's out!! Last day was yesterday for everyone around here. I have 2 & a half weeks left in my class and hoping it goes by quickly!

Victoria had a great finish to her soccer season with coach May! The Bulldogs only lost one game all season, they were a great bunch of players. She had a short awards morning for the end of 1st grade. And how funny that she comes home the day before school is out and gives herself homework from a workbook that she brought home, she's a smart girl!


Dewdrop said...

So sorry about your ankle. What a bummer.

Great shots of soccer season. Awesome!

Dewdrop said...

Really can't... thank Obama for that one.

As for September though... interested in a girls weekend involving an 80's metal karaoke club...? lol